About the Blogger

Kate has been reading like a maniac ever since she first learned and has been gaming since she could hold a controller in her hands. She hopes to one day have her own library, which will undoubtedly be filled with fantasy books. When not fiendishly reading or gaming, Kate enjoys binge-watching Korean dramas, knitting, and baking things that aren’t very good for her.


About the Artist

Eric is the artist behind all of the dragons on the blog. He is also the patient supporter—reader, idea person, co-op partner, Kpop concert goer, and sometime photographer—of all of Kate’s nerdy tendencies. He met Kate on a PS3 game called “White Knight Chronicles” and they have been together ever since.




About the Dragon

Kelvin the dragon is very talented and coincidentally does all of the things Kate also loves to do! In reality, he is the brainchild of both Kate and Eric. While Eric draws the dragons by hand, Kate colors them on the computer.


Special Thanks

A very big thank you to my mother for her editing skills, support, and for instilling in me the wonders of reading at a very young age. I love you, Mom!

Thanks, Dad for making me a gamer and for playing Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Spyro, and Bioshock with me!

And of course, thank you, to all those people who ever lent or bought me a book or video game!

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